Meet an NYC member: Robby, a tech-support specialist in Bushwick


Meet Robby: an extroverted and friendly Common member who works in tech support by day and loves exploring Bushwick and meeting new people in his spare time. Originally, he was a member a Common home in Ridgewood before the pandemic, but when his job promoted him to a remote role, he transferred to Common Gates for more space and amenities. Keep reading to hear about how he’s adjusting to life in Bushwick and some of his favorite roommate memories!

How has your experience living at Common shaped your time in New York?

To be honest, I was nervous about living with new people I hadn’t met! However, I soon found that the community at Common was the perfect cushion to help me transition into the next chapter of my life. I had planned for my stay at Common Cypress to be a transitional phase, but I love the people so much I’ve stayed now over 2 years. I was able to transfer to be one of the first members at Common Gates in Bushwick, and I’ve loved getting to know the neighborhood and my roommates.


What have been some of your favorite memories with your roommates?

Living in a coliving suite exposed me to so many interesting people that eventually became my friends. My first roommate with Common was French, the CEO of his own digital marketing firm, and a master chess player—how cool! He spent a lot of time teaching me tournament-style chess and discussing artificial intelligence theories. Another roommate was from Singapore and taught me how to cook his favorite recipes.

Now, I spend time enjoying the rooftop at Common Gates (sometimes even for a spontaneous outdoor screening with my friends) or playing the keyboard in our living room that my roommates and I love to practice on.


Why did you decide to transfer to Common Gates?

I originally decided to live in Ridgewood with Common since it was more affordable, but I loved always having easy access to Bushwick. Common made it super easy for me to transfer buildings without breaking my lease, so the transition was seamless!

In June, I was able to go back to my job at a tech retail store in the city, but eventually, my manager approached me about the opportunity of working remotely in a tech-support role. My new bedroom at Common Gates is much larger and fits my bed and work desk very comfortably, so this was a much better fit for me. Plus, the stunning coworking lounge, roof, gym, and cinema room also made it feel like I had so much more space outside of just my room.

What do you love about living in Bushwick?

The community is very artistic and active! Honestly, since the start of the pandemic, I’ve observed a sense of community and togetherness that wasn’t quite as strong in the neighborhood before. There’s an endless amount of independent businesses and things to do. Some of my favorite activities have been taking outdoor ceramic classes, getting my haircut in the local park by the Japanese-inspired-salon Queen of Swords, or meeting my friends at a local bar for a pint of cheap and delicious beer!

Some rapid-fire questions:

    • Favorite Neighborhood: Boerum Hill if it had the Bushwick crowd; Bushwick if it had the SoHo crowd. Bushwick, as it is, is the best of both worlds.
    • Dream celebrity roommate: Aisling Bea
    • Favorite local spot: Paloma’s Mexican Cuisine, June, or Milk & Pull
    • Go-to coffee shop drink: English/Irish breakfast tea with almond milk and brown sugar
    • “You can never have enough _______when living in Brooklyn.”: Time
    • Ideal Friday night in NYC: An evening rooftop gathering with live music or an outdoor film screening


It’s time to call Brooklyn home—discover Common Gates and its stunning amenities!

From a rooftop view to a coworking library, Common Gates has everything you need. If you want to learn more about our fully-furnished and all-inclusive coliving suites, head to our website to see images of the space and book a virtual tour.


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