4 easiest ways to resolve a conflict with a roommate


When living with roommates in a college dorm or an apartment, you may experience a problem or a tense situation that needs to be straightened out. In these situations, there are a few ways to resolve the conflict, but just remember to respect your roommate in any conflict. Here are some ways to peacefully reach a resolution.

Talk it out

Sometimes the best way to solve the issue is to have a conversation about what’s bothering you. You should let your roommate know what action bothered you and why. This way, they are aware of what they should and shouldn’t do while living with you. Communication can be extremely effective in most situations and helps to build and refine the relationship with your roommates. It’s one of the best and most necessary skills for being a good roommate

Negotiate + establish boundaries

Negotiate certain terms with this person. This conversation should touch on the lifestyle changes both of you need to make to ensure a peaceful coliving experience. Compromise can be one of the best ways to resolve a conflict as you have to reach a mutual agreement. Negotiate the terms and rules of living together, and write them down to be agreed upon. Understand that you might have to change some of your actions and ways to accommodate the other person. 

Ask for a mediator

In college, mediation can be done by an RA or another roommate. Outside of a dorm or college living situation, a friend can mediate the conversation for you. Mediation can take a while to resolve issues as you work through everything, but it’s better than endless arguing with your roommate. This mediator will act as an unbiased third party, making sure that the conversation doesn’t go off topic and that everyone stays calm. During mediation, you have to respect everyone involved in the conversation and really listen to the questions and answers. This way, you can reach an agreement and solve the underlying conflict. 

Check the roommate agreement 

When your roommate first moved in, you should have filled out a roommate agreement form (see our roommate agreement template here). This contract would lay out the terms of living together. It can cover anything from the number of guests allowed over to fridge possessions. These terms can always be looked upon, and when there’s a problem, look back to this for the terms both you and the other person signed and agreed to in the beginning. This can not only help avoid a bigger problem from arising, but it can also lead to a more apologetic and understanding form of communication. 

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