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How to design an effective home office


On the days you need to work from home or finish up a project late at night, having a home office makes all the difference in productivity and organization. No matter what your job is, it also never hurts to have the space to sit down, focus, read, work, or to just keep all work items in one place. Here are the essentials you need to consider when designing an effective office for your home.


Find a location in your home that fits your workflow. Do you need to be closer to the kitchen or bedroom? Consider the type of work you’re doing and what area of the home is the most convenient for your home office. You should also think about lighting and space when choosing the location of your home office. Ask yourself, “where can I be most productive?”

Make sure you have enough space

Make sure your home office is big enough for you to move around and not feel cramped. You’ll definitely need space for furniture and storage, but you also need space where you can get away from the desk or even have meetings. Taking breaks away from your desk to sit by the window or on a comfortable futon can help you be more creative and productive.


When it comes to furniture, you’ll want to think about the aesthetic style you want your office to have. Classic, modern, or playful are just a few of the looks you can go for. Be sure to have a comfortable chair or two and a working desk big enough for your laptop, papers, and other tools. The type of work you do can dictate how much desk space you need. Storage is also extremely important. Consider where you’ll keep a snack stash and essential office items, such as sticky notes and pens. An open shelving system can be convenient, help you avoid clutter, and makes things easy to rearrange if you ever need to.


Good lighting is key to an effective home office. Big, open windows can offer natural lighting during the day, and you can decide on a lighting fixture for when those late nights. Test different lighting — fluorescent, warm, LED, floor lamps — to find out what works best for you. Dedicated lighting on key items or a picture in your office can make the ambiance softer and more comfortable.

Tame your tech

Lastly, try to eliminate wire clutter around the home office. Investing in wireless devices such as a mouse, printer, and even headphones can make all the difference in how your space looks. A cord tamer (for the wires you do need) is a must to make your setup look cleaner and more organized.

Coworking at Common

Now that you know the essentials for the perfect home office, sketch out a floor plan that you can follow when shopping for all the items. If you’re still lost, you can try Common, a coliving option available in all major cities. All of our coliving homes have large, furnished coworking lounges that are conducive to productive days working from home. For one all-inclusive rate, you can expect a fully furnished suite with high-quality furniture and appliances, coworking spaces, utilities, and high-speed Wi-Fi. Take a free tour today.


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