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Why Common Marcy is the perfect home


Meet our second home in Williamsburg, Common Marcy.

marcy living room

This newly built, modern home has a total of 38 bedrooms and large floor-to-ceiling windows throughout. We’ve furnished these beautiful duplexes for coliving, and Common’s Associate Director of Interior Design Cait Gury thinks they’re the perfect home for the modern renter.

What we love about Common Marcy

Common Marcy has everything a renter in New York could dream of, from short leases and stocked kitchens to smart home features. We’re talking built-in wireless Sonos speakers, smart TV, and keyless entry.

The home also boasts lots of outdoor space (a rooftop deck, interior courtyard, balconies), which is something you can’t find at most NYC apartments. “When designing these outdoor areas, we prioritized space where everyone can sit and have a meal together or where members who work from home could kick back and work quietly,” explains Cait.

marcy bedroom

Not to mention, it’s located in one of the trendiest neighborhoods, Williamsburg, where you can find a waterfront with a view, tons of local boutiques, and to-die-for restaurants. Some of our favorites include Pies n Thighs, Little Choc Apothecary, and Maison Premiere. There’s always something to check out in the neighborhood, whether it’s drinking at Randolph Beer, shopping at Artists & Fleas, or catching a movie at Nitehawk Cinema.

Common Marcy’s duplex layout

Inside, you’ll find duplex suites at Common Marcy. A gorgeous spiral staircase separates the two floors of each suite, and each suite has two bathrooms to three or four bedrooms. This ratio makes living with suitemates easier and tension-free. The free weekly cleaning and household essentials only add to that convenience.

“The best part about Common Marcy being a duplex is the fact that the majority of bedrooms are clearly separated from the more social, spontaneous, and active areas of the home,” Cait said, “This offers members more opportunities for privacy.”

marcy kitchen

Building community in Williamsburg

Members at Common Marcy can not only expect privacy to be readily available, but they can also expect to find a true community to exist in Williamsburg.

Members can also take advantage of the Connect by Common app, where they can RSVP to other free events, claim exclusive discounts to national brands, and start live chats.

Take a free tour of Common Marcy today.

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