What community means at Common


At Common, convenience and value go hand-in-hand with a sense of community.

Not only are our homes designed with a “know your neighbor” ethos — equipped with unique shared spaces such as gyms, rooftops, and coworking lounges — but we also provide our members with opportunities to meet, build trust, and create communities.

The Connect app

Connect by Common is the centralized hub for all aspects of a Common membership, including news, community events, perks, member directory, and more. As a Common member, it’s the one stop shop to stay connected with other people within and beyond your home.

community connect by

Through Connect by Common, members can RSVP to curated and member-made events, chat one-on-one and in interest groups, and submit support requests for any questions or concerns.


One of the most exciting features available through our Connect app is the ability to chat with fellow Common members. Once downloading the Connect app, members are automatically placed in a group chat with their suitemates, the members of their home, and, soon, other members who are attending the same events.

Additionally, members can message join threads around specific interests such as Music, Food & Drinks, and more.

Community events

Members of Common have the ability to RSVP to three different kinds of community events on the Connect app: Common-created, Member-created, and Co-created.

Common-created events: Each month, the Common Experience team curates a series of group events that are planned and funded by Common, available exclusively to Common members as part of their membership. Examples include tickets to Broadway shows, museums, and food festivals.

Member-created events: We encourage our members to get together for shared social experiences — anything from a poetry slam to a beach trip. Members can create events on the Connect app and invite a few people, their home, or other members in their city.

Co-created events: A co-created event is when a Common member requests sponsorship and shares the responsibility for a social event that they’ve planned to host for their home or other people in their city. We can help plan and market, but we trust the host to control the content, follow protocol, and take care of the home and its facilities.

The Member Experience Team

Members have a dedicated Member Experience Team committed to proactively checking in, planning fun and engaging events, and ensuring a positive overall Common experience. This team shares a common mission to build trust with members, take care of any concerns, and promote a sense of support.

Customer Success Managers share the responsibility of renewals and overall relationship management with and care for individual members.

communityTom Ahern
Customer Success Manager


Gavan Vogler
Customer Success Manager


Jenna North
Customer Success Manager

Experience Managers are in charge of populating the social events calendar for members and for tackling initiatives that promote overall member experience on many shared levels.


Melissa Turner
Experience Manager


Lior Torenberg
Experience Manager

What our members say

“My favorite part about Common is the community events that we all get to take part in. Last week I went to the NYC Coffee Festival sponsored by Common and it was amazing!” – Nicole

“There is so much value in having a strong community to be a part of when you move to a new city – defeating loneliness, having something to do on weekends, or even getting a job.” – Steven

“At Common, there is pretty much always something going on that you can get involved in, but there is never any pressure to do so.” – Danielle

“My neighbors have been a blessing and are the perfect people to bother when you just need to talk to someone or have a glass of wine with.” – Gabe

Community is a key part of our culture at Common, and we give our members the necessary tools to cultivate a genuine sense of community in their homes and cities. Join our community today.

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