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Biggest mistakes people make when moving to a big city


As a result of the increasing opportunities in major cities, more people are leaving their small towns for denser urban centers. No matter the reason for the relocation, whether it’s a job or a relationship, avoid these small mistakes that most people get wrong about relocating. Just by being aware of these mistakes will save you money, time, and headaches.

Not prioritizing where you live

We all know how high rents are in major cities, but that doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice everything about your place just to save money. Finding a good place to live is essential to your health and happiness in your new city. Though you may have to start in a small apartment, make sure to look into public transportation so your commute is reasonable or to prioritize having laundry in the building. The wrong move is to just choose the cheapest place you can find.

Not researching the neighborhood enough

Realise that the neighborhood you live in (and the people you surround yourself with) is just as important as the actual place. Start looking early into the different parts of town. Living downtown might be fun, but it can also get a little too crowded with tourists and too loud at night. If you can, plan to walk around the different areas to get a sense of what would be good for you and work with your lifestyle. For instance, is there a grocery store nearby? Is public transportation convenient? Can you commute downtown easily? Have a few good reasons to live in that specific neighborhood.

Not considering all the moving costs

In addition to finding a place to live, you also have to figure out logistics, plan the dates of move, and schedule movers. There’s a lot of money and fees that go into uprooting your life and most people realise this too late. Get ahead, start saving as early as you can, and plan your finances months ahead of your first month’s rent.

Not being open

Lots of people who move to major cities don’t take the time to really explore the town. They immediately avoid tourist traps, instead of seeing them as opportunities to experience something new and exciting. To become a true urban local, you have to get lost on your commute at least once, see the sights before you get sick of them, and only then can you become a regular at the same grocery store and coffee shop. Get started with our beginner’s guide to New York, LA, Chicago, San Francisco, and Washington, DC.

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