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Moving into Common is a simple process. Unlike renting out a brand new apartment, you don’t have to worry about furnishing the entire space or stocking the kitchens and bathrooms. At Common, your home comes fully furnished, move-in ready, and with a welcoming community of residents that we call members.

Here’s a step-by-step guide on what moving in looks like at Common.


Soon after signing your lease, you’ll receive a confirmation email from a Leasing Admin. This email will include everything from the home address and move-in time hours to the WiFi password and an explanation of door access. You’ll have keyless access to the home through an app on your phone, and that’s pretty much the only thing you need to set up before you arrive.

Keep in mind that if you have to make any changes to your move-in date or time, you can just reach back out via email and be in contact with an actual person that will make those adjustments for you. Living at Common means you’ll always be connected to the right people to solve any issues that may arise from the day of move-in.

Two weeks before move-in

Expect another email introducing you to your Customer Success Manager. The CSM will be your go-to person for any discomforts during the move-in experience, roommate conflicts, and membership renewal. The Welcome Email will also include a login to the Connect app, where you’ll find community events, member perks, and neighborhood guides of your city.

At this point, you’ll also find out how to pay your rent on our custom-made portal as well as other useful information via our Help Center.

One week before move-in

Before you move in, our in-house professional cleaning service will do a thorough cleaning of your space. The other shared areas, like the bathroom, kitchen, and coworking areas, will also be swept according to the regular weekly cleaning schedule.

A few days before move-in

A couple days before your move-in date, our Member Services team will communicate with current members about your arrival. The suitemates that you’ll be living with and sharing the beautiful space with will become aware of the date and time you’re moving in so that they can welcome you to the community. You’ll also receive an in-depth email about your door access to your new home.

Lastly, a Leasing Specialist will do a final inspection of your room and shared living spaces. They’ll ensure that the home is clean and ready for you.

Move-in day

It’s that day! Pack your things, get on a plane or in a car, and move into your Common home and new city or neighborhood. You can be settled and live out your new life in a matter of minutes.

After arriving at your home, you can unpack, check out all the amenities, use the stocked kitchen, take a shower in your bathroom, and connect to WiFi on day one. You may even take part in a social event with your new suitemates in any of the shared spaces, such as the living room, coworking space, the rooftop patio, or backyard garden. It’ll feel like you’ve already lived there for ages, and without major interruptions in your life, you can get working, exploring, and just living right away.

Two days after your move-in, your CSM will give you a call. This is where you can have any questions you have answered and let us know of any difficulties with the experience. It’s important to us that you feel at home in your Common home as quickly and comfortably as possible.

What our members say about their move-in experience…

Vincent B.: “It was surprising how quickly everything moved. It felt like I blinked and went from not knowing where I was going to live in NY to being excited about moving into a beautiful fully furnished apartment.”

Rachel W.: “By far, the easiest application and move-in process I’ve ever had. I was able to do everything online and if I ever wanted/needed to speak to someone, I was able to get a real human on the phone.”

Elke W.: “No moving expenses, no buying furniture or kitchen utensils, and no worrying about hooking up the internet. Just showed up with my suitcase and I was ready to return to my life.”

Luke T.: “Staff are incredibly attentive to our every need, and made our move-in simple and painless. Common streamlines the rental process, allowing direct digital payment, and combining all expenses into one affordable rate.”

Gene G.: “Overall, Common made moving across the United States an absolute breeze. Having all furniture/supplies/hardware supplied and included in rent is an absolute stress reliever.”


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Several teams at Common focus on making sure your move-in, transfer, and renewal processes are as smooth as they can be. Living at Common means that you’ll always have a group of people to reach out to every step of the way. It’s the most convenient way to move and live in a city.

Take a free tour and begin your move-in process today.

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