Lifehacks: Moving to a city in the winter


Most people don’t think moving to a city in the winter is ideal. However, moving in cold weather conditions is actually a good idea. You can potentially enjoy lower rates for services (moving companies and broker fees alike), a less stressful search process, and even flexible scheduling.

Follow these few tips, and your winter move will be smooth sailing.

Give yourself enough time.

During this time of year, days get shorter, and the sun goes down much quicker. Pack up your place early, starting with the things you don’t need like your summer clothes, books, and TV. Figure out the logistics as early as possible, and set up backup measures in case of inclement weather. On the day of, get moving early in the morning so you utilize the whole duration of daylight. You should also plan out what to wear in advance. Dress for freezing temperatures, and keep yourself warm with gloves, hats, and a hot beverage.

Hire a moving company.

Because the cold climate affects the safety of the streets and roads, we don’t recommend driving, especially with heavy boxes in your trunk that may cover the mirrors. Hire professionals to do the heavy lifting. Moving companies will be cheaper than during peak times of the year, and they’ll save you a whole lot of stress and time.

Make sure you have heat.

The winter months are brutal because of the cold weather and crazy temperatures. You should do everything you can to stay warm. Call the utility provider of your new apartment ahead of time to have electricity and heat set up prior to the day of move-in. They should be on and fully functioning. The last thing you would want is to deal with a broken heating system after you’ve moved in all your things and have to unpack in the cold, trust me.

Keep walkways safe.

The winter temperatures will create icy roads and dangerous passageways. Don’t forget to shovel snow from your driveway, sidewalks, and the street before the moving company arrives. Throw salt on any ice around your home, and cover your floors with plastic film or cardboard boxes. This way, no one will slip and get hurt moving things in and out, and slush won’t ruin your new place.

Have a backup plan.

In case the climate changes drastically, you’re going to need a backup plan. Ask the moving company about your options: can they still pick up your things and deliver them to your place on another day? Talk to your real estate agent or landlord about staying a few extra days. Typically, if you can’t move out, no one can move in. If this isn’t possible, find friends you can stay with to wait out the storm.

…or just move into Common.

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