Best Halloween costumes for roommates


October has crept up on us, which means you have to start planning for Halloween. Especially if you’re coordinating costumes as a group, take some time to consider these on-trend options for 2018. Here are the best costumes for you and your roommates this Halloween.

Queer Eye

Be fabulous this October by being the Fab Five from Netflix’ Queer Eye. Wear a floral shirt (don’t forget to “French tuck”) and gel up your shiny, silver hair to be Tan France. If you’re the Antoni Porowski of the group, make your love for food and wine known with an apron or kitchen towel and always carry around an avocado. Strut your inner Jonathan Van Ness with a crop top, a half-up bun, and flirty confidence to finish off the look. If you’re trying to be Bobby Berk, get a tool belt, rock a bold-colored button up, and add a bowtie for funsies. Put on a bomber jacket, a baseball cap, and some fly shoes to be Karamo Brown. Oh, and give everyone three low-fives. Slay this group costume.


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New year, new queer. Brand new episodes of Queer Eye with a fresh Fab Five are coming to Netflix February 2018!

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Avengers Infinity Stones

In the past, everyone dressed up as their favorite Marvel superhero. But now in 2018, you can be the whole team of Avengers or even better, the collection of Infinity Stones from this year’s epic Avengers movie. There’s the Space Stone (blue), the Reality Stone (red), the Power Stone (purple), the Mind Stone (yellow), the Time Stone (green), and the Soul Stone (orange). Be creative, and make each costume relate to stone-specific powers. For example, the Time Stone costume can consist of a green outfit, a couple of watches, and a cape to symbolize Doctor Strange’s connection to the stone.

Ocean’s 8

Gather your roommates and toughest friends to turn into the empowering group of bandits from one of the most anticipated movies of the year. Just dress in your sleekest black outfits, leather jackets, and fur coats. If you want to be extra crafty, make a replica of The Met entrance stickers and attach it to each of your outfits. Then put on your shades, and stride together all night as Ocean’s 8.


Dress up as the eccentric friend group from the hit TV show, Riverdale. Archie Andrews just requires some orange color hair spray, a varsity jacket, and a football. Channel your inner Veronica Lodge with a purple dress, arched eyebrows, and a pearl necklace to finish. The Jughead Jones of your group needs a jean or leather jacket, a grey beanie, and a laptop. Be Betty Cooper with a cardigan, jeans, and a perfect, pulled-back ponytail. There’s plenty of other characters to choose from if you have a bigger group, including Cheryl Blossom (wear red everything) and Josie McCoy (all the leopard print!).

Ice Cream Museum Pint Flavors

2018 was the year of Instagrammable museums. The Ice Cream Museum is one of the original interactive museums, having opened a pop-up in Los Angeles, San Francisco, Miami, and New York since 2016. So get out all your colorful items, and dress up as your favorite Ice Cream Museum pint flavors. Be Nana Banana with different shades of yellow and some caramel bites. Be Cherrylicious with pink attire and cherry red accessories. Be Churro Churro with any sort of blue and a cinnamon stick. Be Chocolate Crush with a brown outfit and some Hershey kisses. Be Vanillionaire with a cream-colored getup and a bag of wafer cookies. Be Piñata with a red base and some animal cookies. Lastly, be Sprinkle Pool with a rainbow-colored outfit.


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