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Decorating shared spaces tips from Sophie Wilkinson


Real Simple is our go-to source for home decor, recipes, DIY, and beauty tips. Recently, they spoke to Sophie Wilkinson, Common’s Head of Design and Construction, about decorating shared spaces without causing tension between roommates.

Here are a few highlights from the article.

Decorating Rule Number 1: Share the design control.

For large features, stick to more neutral designs, such as sheer curtains or un-patterned rugs.

“You and your roommates can work together to add details that bring personality to the space without going in any one design direction.”
decorate neutrals

Decorating Rule Number 2: Leave room for personal touches.

At Common, we cut down on the number of knick-knacks in each room for you to add your own décor. Remember to stay cognizant of how detailed you are and how much space you take up.

Decorating Rule Number 3: Invest in high-quality items.

High-quality furniture lasts longer and looks better. Especially because sharing space means more people are around all the time and furniture will get heavier use, it’ll be worth it to splurge a little.

“We wouldn’t get a veneer coffee table, because that would chip in the first six months from people using it,” Sophie says. “We’d get a real coffee table that would look good, and withstand, and wouldn’t decay.”

Want more tips? Find the full article here. To find out more about how we design our homes, visit here.

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