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Most Instagrammable spots in Seattle


Seattle not only has the best restaurants and working spaces, but it also has a ton of Instagrammable spots for you to bless your followers’ feeds. You may recognize some of these iconic places or you might not; either way, visit them and don’t forget to enjoy the experience beyond the picture.

Chihuly Garden and Glass

As an avant-garde of glass-blown art, Dale Chihuly created a mesmerizing installation and, consequently, one of the most Instagrammable views in Seattle. Chihuly, a Washington-native, opened this long-term exhibit in 2012 and sometimes makes an appearance there. The glass garden outside is also a must!

Instagrammable Olympic Sculpture Park

You can get 20 different photos here, one in front of each monumental artwork. The Seattle Art Museum curated this outdoor gallery of contemporary sculptures, featuring the towering, curved-steel modules by Richard Serra (Wake, 2004) and the red, abstract wings by Alexander Calder (The Eagle, 1971). If art isn’t your thing, just make it to the edge of the Foster Foundation Path to catch the scenery of Elliott Bay and the Olympic Mountains. Entry is free year-round.

Seattle Central Public Library

Though it may not sound like the intuitive choice for a photo backdrop, the Seattle Central Public Library offers 11 stories of beautiful views and millions of books. Even from the outside, the geometric, glass-and-steel structure takes your breath away. It’s a modern take of a public library; minimalist bookshelves, communal tables and seats, and indoor greenery spread throughout. Located in the center of downtown, there’s also a great view of the city on the rooftop.

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Instagrammable Gum Wall

If you didn’t take a photo at the Gum Wall, did you even go to Seattle? Thousands of wads of gum collected since the early 1990s cover this wall on the bottom level of Pike Public Market. It’s gross, but it makes for a unique kind of art and a good Instagram photo. Keep your distance from it or stick on your own addition.

Capitol Hill Rainbow Crosswalks

In honor of LGBTQ pride, the 6 intersections of Pike and Pine Street between 11th Ave and Broadway have painted colors of the rainbow. The first openly gay mayor of Seattle, Mayor Ed Murray, unveiled the crosswalks in 2015 to represent Capitol Hill as a “tolerant and accepting” neighborhood.

The London Plane

One of photographer Ellie Lillstrom’s favorite spots in Seattle, The London Plane is just as photogenic as it is multifunctional. The part-flower shop, part-cafe, and part-foods grocery has the most calming and satisfying visuals, with its Type-A-organized shelves, wooden and natural bases, and pops of color.

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