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Seattle: A photo tour from Ellie Lillstrom


Seattle-based photographer Ellie Lillstrom has a stunning perspective on the city she calls home.

Whether it’s behind the lens or just out on a brisk day in the city, Ellie has a knack for finding Seattle’s most picturesque nooks, or perhaps they are just ordinary parts of the city that she makes glimmer and shine through her unique vision.

We met Ellie a few months ago and it was great to see her view of Seattle. Check out a visual tour of some of her favorite spots.

Seattle, Ellie Lillstrom style

Seattle by Ellie Lillstrom

For delicious eats in an awe-inspiring setting, check out Tallulah’s Neighborhood Cafe.

Seattle by Ellie

Part wine bar, part shop, all photo-worthy. Visit The London Plane.

Seattle coffee

Drop in for a quick coffee or some stunning latte art at this Seattle mainstay, Herkimer Coffee.

Seattle by Ellie

Get lost in the Volunteer Park Conservatory, a botanical garden, conservatory, and gorgeous, lush oasis within the city.

Seattle by Ellie

French notes fill the air at Bar Melusine, where you can enjoy oysters and fantastic drinks.

Seattle Farmer's market

The Pacific Northwest is one of the best places to go for produce, flowers, and plant life. Visit the Ballard Sunday Farmer’s Market for more.

General Porpoise Doughnuts is an essential stop for sweet treats.

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