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What you need to know about renting in Chicago


Finding a home is one of the hardest parts about moving to a new city. It’s difficult to find availability that matches your dates, a neighborhood that matches your personality, and a home that matches your lifestyle. Chicago is no different, so here are some tips to help you plan your move and alternatives to make your city living better.

Where To Rent

When choosing a home in Chicago, first consider the location, access to public transit, parking, noise level, lake proximity, and more. These preferences vary from person to person but are necessary to think about to find the perfect place for you and your lifestyle.

Chicago has a lot to offer (our member Gabe can vouch for that), so you should decide on what places or features you love most and start from there. For example, if you’re a big foodie or culture enthusiast, coliving home Common Racine in Pilsen is the place for you. The home is surrounded by beautiful murals and architecture with great food and easy access to Thalia Hall and the rest of the city.
Common Racine in Chicago

Renter’s Insurance

The building personnel is not responsible for any damage to your new home, so be sure to have renter’s insurance. A rental policy will cover your personal possessions in the case of an unfortunate event. It’s a good idea to take inventory of your home and all the items you would want replaced, if anything were to happen.

The average rental insurance policy is $200/year with a $500-1K deductible. The amount the insured party pays out of pocket before coverage kicks in on a claim. While building security systems can possibly lower your costs, dogs can increase them. Be sure to keep all of these things in mind when looking for coverage.

Make Chicago living a reality! Discover private and coliving apartments with Common.

Tricks To The Trade

Start looking a few months early. Looking on national listing sites can leave out the smaller, non-commercial apartment buildings. Individual listings sites that are more likely to give an unbiased view of apartment availability. Sites like Domu help you budget for the ideal apartment in the ideal neighborhood.

Create a list of factors you desire for your apartment and ones you don’t so that when looking for your space, you can know for sure if it’s ideal for you. Also, be sure to stay open-minded. You’re moving to a new place where you will have new experiences. Enjoy the hunt, and be sure to celebrate when you finally move in.

Still lost? Here are a few more tips on moving. And if you’re interested in making the moving experience even easier, be sure to check out Common’s coliving homes in Chicago.


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